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About Pixie Moves

We are here to address the pain point that every single property owner, developer and estate agent has faced: conveyancing.


While law firms have had a monopoly on this market and therefore, we feel, little motivation to improve the client experience, there has been very little real movement in the sector.  We know that tech has been built to take things online but we haven't seen anything that we thought was "enough".  Clients still face massive delays caused by the legal work and, let's face it, 90% of that is just admin.  A bit of spit and polish on an antiquated and clunky system does not cut it.  We decided to try to do better.


We want to free up conveyancers from cumbersome admin so that they can do what they should be doing, which is looking after and communicating with their clients and the agents, pushing things along.

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